Friday, March 4, 2011

Long time break

We've had a break from lessons and sheep. It's been raining so hard that Lora's sheep are wading in mud. And, she's had an outbreak of lambing. There will be lots of cuties to see next Wednesday.  Meanwhile, Jill and I continue to walk, play ball, learn respect, and go to daycare.

We had lots of snow last weekend - Jill's first REAL big snow. She was so happy she did laps around the yard in ecstasy.
 Waiting for that perfect ball throw.

The child in David comes out. Snow ball flights of fancy. Jill didn't get it. She's going "but...where's my ball, dang it?"

"And you're going to throw the ball...when??"

Perfect picture from the porch. We got 3" of snow that day. Then the sun came out. I love sunny snow days.

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