Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Topsy Turvey Life

In my last post, I said Out of Chaos comes Order.  Indeed this is true.  For five months we have had a lot of chaos.  Building a new house, selling the old house, finding a rental house as temporary digs whilst the new house is being finished, packing, storing, packing, unpacking, storing. We are now settled down into our little rental house, which is quite cute and comfy.  Enough space for Hubby, 3 dogs and Moi and not step on each others paws....or toes, as the case may be.

The first packing was to get the old House ready for Open House.  Strip the walls of everything personal...no family pics, no treasured art work, pick up dog beds and dog toys, chewies and hide.  Empty more than half the kitchen.  I packed most of my cookbooks....oops!  They're in the back of the storage unit and I need at least one of them.  Drat!

Clean the house from tip to tail, shine, polish, refinish wood floors, roof inspection (check), house inspection (check).  Shiny House - all ready for Open House day.  First client - wants the House bad! Yay!  We sold House in record time.  Now comes the scramble.  Where the heck do we live now.  Finding a rental was not as easy as we thought.  I was sure we were going to live in the motor home for 6 months, piled on top of each other.  My blood pressure skyrockets!  Finally, a rental we can move into with all the boxes checked.

It has a wide open living area and French doors to the patio.  Fenced in yard.  KC, the Old One, can lay in the open doorway and watch the world go by or snooze - which is her MO these days.  The other two haven't figured out that they don't need me to go downstairs, open a door for them to go out anymore.  They can just take themselves out on their own and I can still keep an eye on them.  Tiny yard, but serviceable.

OK, where did I put that crockpot??!!  Oh, well....some things are packed that I won't be able to get to until we move into the New House.  Scary, cooking on an electrical stove top after using gas for umpty years.  Had to get a couple of Teflon pans as my cast iron didn't work too well.
The Kitchen is just right. Lots of storage space in the kitchen and in the little laundry room.

The New House is getting it's roofing put on this week.
We have windows (not yet installed, but they are on site), a bathtub/shower insert for the second bathroom, all the light tubes are there.  We just met with the electrician yesterday to get all the fixtures and switches in the right place.  Then we get to see how much over budget we are and do it again.  Kind of like ripping out the stitches on the sweater your knitting.  You have to be very precise or else it won't fit.

Looked at light fixtures today.  How much fun is this.  I'm loving it. Kind of like going to a yarn store and and going "Ooh!   I'll take one of those, two of those and oh yes, maybe another one of these".

In the meantime, I HAVE actually finished some UFOs.  The green Wonderful Wallaby hoodie for niece Raven is finished and delivered.  She loved it and it actually fit.  I'm not gifted with clothing, but I'm learning that gauge is extremely important; and making samples is necessary for a quality garment.  Of course I forgot to take a picture.  And my spinning wheel made it to the rental...yay...so I'm getting some quality time on that, finishing up some projects.  It doesn't help that I went to Black Sheep Gathering and got more of that wonderful fluffy stuff and some yummy gorgeous colors.  I think I'm hooked.  I'll save this discussion for another blog.