Monday, July 18, 2011

Afterthought Heel

OK, I'm a baaaad blogger. I finished those socks and narry a picture posted. They came out wonderfully. I ended up taking out the first heel as I didn't like the way the decrease was making a ridge.  Consider this a trial run for re-doing the heel later on.  It worked!

Socks are a bit large, but otherwise beautiful.

So here is my second pair.
Adding the waste yarn

Picking up the heel stitches
After futzing with the first pair, I realized that the seaming for the heel was rather bulky.  I did a decrease stitch, each side of the row, both needles, every other row.  Same way you would do the decrease in the toe.  It created a nice shape and good looking, but still rather bulky. I think with this pair I'll try a wrapped stitch decrease as for short row heels and see if that works.

After knitting in the waste yarn, you keep knitting up the sock in a tube.  Taking out the waste yarn this time was easier, since I knew what I was doing.  Then I just pick up the stitches making sure to keep the stitch from being twisted.  Eh voila! I can now start my heel.  For this pair, I knitted 4 rows of plain knitting before decreasing to give a little more length in the heel.  I could always add an extra plain row to give more length if needed.  I made sure to keep trying on the socks to make sure I had enough heel room.  The result is a beautiful pair of socks!