Thursday, April 18, 2013

Topsy Turvey

Everything is in Chaos.  We are building a new house and packing up the old one.  In order to get the current house on the market we are having to put most everything in storage, so that we have the 'model' home to show when it goes on the market.  I am generally a very tidy person and love to organize.  Everything has a file folder or a little box.  So it wasn't too hard to pack my Studio up into boxes and haul them off to the storage unit.  I've saved out my eSpinner, all my needles.  But I've packed away most of my fleece and stash yarn; and all of my books and patterns.  Wouldn't you know I needed that pattern!  I left myself 2 fleeces to spin, but packed away the one I really wanted to spin.  Aaagghhh!  Good thing I have friends who have some of the same patterns I do.  As for the fleece, Etsy got a few more of my $$ and some new fleeces appeared on my doorstep.  And then there is the Black Sheep Gathering coming up in June.

As for the new house.  Well, it's been a work in progress.  S - L - O - W progress.  The bank has fiddled and you know what-ed around until we finally gave up and went with the builder's bank.  So after 4 months of waiting  - yes, folks - we finally have Stakes in the ground.

We are building at the Independence Air Park. Next week we will finally break ground.  It will be good to get started.

As for my knitting, well, I still have 2 socks to finish, 1 shawl, a sweater and a little camisole.  Not too bad.  On the spinning front, I currently have some fleece from Woodland Woolworks.  It's really boring - not any color changes, but it is a beautiful color.  It's slow progress, but I need to get it off the spinner so I can go on to my prettier fleeces.  And I got 6 oz of it! Four would have been plenty and I would be done by now.  Moral:  DON'T BY PLAIN FLEECE.  Unless you're going to mix something else in.
The cami is for one of my teen nieces.  It's an easy pattern using just some acrylic yarn with sequins.  I wanted something washable for her. Note to self - don't by acrylic yarn again.  It makes my hands itch.  I found some Tilli Tomas silk beaded yarn that I will make into a little Tee for her.  I think that will be easier on my hands.  And it will be elegant - just in time for the Christmas Holidays.