Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Settling In

We are settling in to 3 in a pack. Beau is coming around and accepting that Jill is just possibly going to be a permanent fixture. KC has been a trouper. She has become Auntie KC and is so gentle with Jill. KC was the first to do puppy play.

Jill has settled into the car crate and now rides in back with Beau and has a great snooze. We're learning recalls, give and leave it. Recalls seem to be the easiest as she truly wants to be with me or David. She even taught herself the tunnel after watching Beau run through. First few times she thought he had disappeared and she growled. Then she tried it on her own. Now it's a fun game to follow Beau through. She's more of a tugger than a ball dog, but she's learning that chasing the ball through the tunnel can be great fun.

Now here's a picture for all to see. My #1 skeptic - Mr. I'm gonna leave you if you get another dog, Dave - has totally succumbed to Jill's charms. He picks her up whenever he gets a chance and she comes and settles on his lap in the evening when he watches the news. I love it. She hears his voice and gets all wiggly.
Can't wait to get back to herding. Lora needs to get her PG ewes lambed first. Hopefully next week sometime.

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