Monday, February 1, 2010

Jill Is Home

Yesterday, Sunday, we brought Jill home. She is settling in nicely, although I'm not too sure how raising a Border Collie among the Corgis is going to work. They think very differently.

Her first day was a day of getting to know who's boss in the dog kingdom. Turns out Beau is the boss. KC, my elderly female, is being very gentle with her corrections. Jill even tried to figure out how in the world she was going to nurse KC when she had no teats. Very strange. KC gave her a gentle growl, then rolled over on her back. Beau has decided that all the balls (his favorite game) are his. We'll see about that.

Today, after a very good night, everyone is settling in. Jill is desperately trying to get Beau to play with her. She already shows a lot of eye in this procedure, which is quite funny. Beau too has good eye for a Cardigan Corgi, and it's really funny to see them both stand and eye each other, tails wagging, then run off.

David, my doubting husband, who said he would leave if I got another dog (yea right) is totally won over by Jill's charms. She follows him around everywhere, and gives him lots of puppy kisses when he picks her up. She slept in his lap yesterday while he watched the news.

So here are some pics from the first day. I've got my work cut out for me with this one. She's smart, active and very clever. Yet she's very good at taking a soft correction from me. Just a light "hey" seems to do it - at least for now. Sleeping peacefully at my feet as I write this.

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