Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and for me a time of remembering.  So what's this got to do with knitting or spinning, you say?  Well actually a lot.  It was my Father that taught me how to knit.  When I was in Brownies about the age of 10, one of my badges was a knitting badge.  I had no clue, and for that matter nether did my Dad - and certainly NOT my Mom (she couldn't even sew on a button). 

So we sat down and figured out the whole process - together.  He was very patient with me and we did a lot of laughing as the yarn balls rolled all over the floor and the knots got even more knottier.  But in the end, we had a pot holder - well, sort of.  Needless to say, I was hooked on knitting after that.  My first big project was a sweater - you got it - for my Dad for Father's Day.  It was from a brown Alpaca and wool skein and it took me 4 years to finish.  He wore it proudly, for at least the first day I gave it to him.  The sleeves were way too long and the body way too large.  We laughed that it was big enough for him and a friend.  I have no clue what happened to it.  I'm sure my Mother washed it in the washing machine and it shrank to doll size.  None the less, I remember my Dad being so happy and proud of me when he got it.

Since then, I have flourished with my knitting; changing my style from the old American to the European.  And, thanks to my Dad, my love of knitting continues with each project and I'm never afraid to try something new.  After all, what can go wrong, but a few extra knots and a lot of laughs.

So here's to you Dad.  Thanks for your patience, the love you gave me through those knotty times, and the joy at seeing something new accomplished, no matter what the outcome.

 Younger Dad

                                                               With Greatgrandson

        The last time we saw him as a family.  
He died shortly after this picture was taken.

We miss you Dad.
Blessed Be

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