Thursday, March 22, 2012

Out Of Chaos...

We have a lot of chaos in our house.  Mainly because of the two Corgis and a Border Collie pup who knows no bounds for energy.  But...this is about yarns, and projects and STASH.

Out of chaos.....came a shawl!

I'm sure most of you have bits and pieces of yarn that you've just got to hang on to, because heaven forbid you just might need 20 yds for a stripe on a jacket, the toe of a sock, or just because you can't bear to throw it away.  Well, I've got so much sock yarn stash that I decided to turn that chaos into some kind of order.

I started off with this:
A varied assortment of Koigu KPPPM yarns, left over from a project that was never realized.  A friend and I thought we might try our hand at tapestry knitting and so bought up a basketful of the beautiful Koigu yarns.  To our chagrin we realized that what we really like to do is just knit - a shawl or socks or a baby project.  The tapestry knitting went out the window, leaving us with lots of the wonderfully colored yarns.  We divided up the skeins and this was my stash.  I could have done toes and heels for socks, but I was tired of socks and wanted something a little more challenging.

I found a shawlette pattern that was easy to do and voila!  A beautiful shawl for my shoulders while I knit or spin.  The pattern for the shawl was a bit confusing.  It was an easy K2P1K1P1 pattern with increases at the sides, but you had to pick up the pattern on the other side from where you'd left off.  With the increases, that made it a challenge to figure whether I should be knitting or purling. Chaos reigned!  I finally decided that it really didn't make any difference where I left off; I could just start wherever I wanted and create my own order.  Thus the Chaos Shawlette.
Garter stitches filled in the beginning and end of the shawl with a few rows in between the pattern.  It was a fun project. It's beautiful and warm to wear.  I could knit while watching episodes of Grimm or Once Upon a Time and if I forgot where I was in the pattern - oh well, never mind - it doesn't show and created it's own pattern.

I'd love to do another project like this one.  So I'll continue to save up my leftover bits of yarn and perhaps another day I"ll create another jewel.

What's your favorite Stash story?

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