Tuesday, January 19, 2010

She's Mine

After waiting 4 weeks to see which pick I will have, it came down to a boy and a girl.
The story:  Lora's Nell was bred to Kathy Knox's Jake and she had 5 pups. A boy, 3 girls, then a little boy. I came over a week after they were born and one little girl stole my heart away - eyes shut, ears shut, still crawlin' but rarin to go, they had named her Amazon Amy because she was so much bigger than the others. Well, I thought, all the girls will be spoken for so I would have my pick between the boy pups.  But then, the person before me on the list chose to take the older boy and my chances of getting Amazon Amy were getting better. But she was so self assured, I thought for sure either Lora or Kathy would pick her.

Monday, yesterday, I found out that my heart dog was one of my choices - she and the little boy Peanut (now named Pip). Hands down she's my dog. Let me introduce you to Jill. She's full of herself and she's mine. She even comes to me when she sees me.

My first Border Collie! And I've got my hands full. But I'm ready - more than ready. It's been a long time coming.

Welcome to my world little Jilly. We have a long journey ahead of us.


  1. Oh golly, I am soooooooo excited for you and your little heart dog. I will be watching with much pleasure as you both make your journey!